FIDS (Flight Information Display System)


TAV Technologies FIDS


Flight Information Display System (FIDS)

TAV Technologies has been designed to provide airport management with an automated system for the distribution and display of real-time flight information to passengers and airport operational staff.TAV Technologies FIDS not only ensures the distribution of flight information to a variety of public and staff display devices, it also shows advertisements, media and data streams such as social media feeds, real-time weather forecast data, news and external web content.

Main Features:


· Accurate, fast, up and running on a 24/7 basis

· High available and redundant architecture

· Design Editor and Content Management

· Advertisement management for revenue generation

· Remote device monitoring and management

· Flexible integration with airport and external systems

· Audit and logging capabilities

· Multi-language / Unicode support

· Multi-terminal support

· PAS and IVR integration support

Technical Highlights:


· Supports 4K/HD Multimedia Content

· Web (HTML5) or Desktop based FIDS clients based on preference

· Easy-to-use web-based administration panel

· WYSIWYG Design Editor and Live-Preview

· Advanced scheduling and programming

· Video-wall implementation support

· Automatic failover clustering and synchronization

· Real-time media server streaming support

· IATA XML integration standard support

· Mobile platform ready, responsive design

· Virtual / Cloud Infrastructure Ready

· Operating System and Database Independent

· REST API based backend interface


TAV Technologies FIDS provides both desktop and web-based clients to suit the needs of the airport. With FIDS Web client you can convert any platform, which supports common web browsers (such as Chrome, Firefox) to a FIDS screen and provides FIDS service to remote locations such as hotels, conference centers and public stations over a secure network channel. Desktop-based application for thick clients is also available as an alternative solution.


FIDS Design Editor allows users to implement their conceptual designs easily with its drag-and-drop function. Wide range of user interface components and display features, including transitions and animations, are available to create desired layouts.


Advertising Management module is designed to display any type of media format, including images, animation, and video clips. The Playlist feature allows for the continuous playing of media files based on a playlist order, play-time per frame, play count, or another basis.


TAV Technologies FIDS integrates and provides passenger information through airport Public Address System PAS. The system can be integrated with well-known PAS brands on the market, enabling manual or automatic message broadcasts in different languages.